some activities that can reduce fat in the body without the gym

Holiday weekend does not mean just spent lazing. If you want to lose weight, now is the right time. There are many routine activities that can be utilized as a form of sport activities.

Any activities that can simultaneously burn calories 200-300 calories a day. Automatic, weight loss can also be shrunk. burn calories 200-300 calories a day. What activities?

The streets in the mall

35 calories per 10 minutes

Apparently, eye wash event at the mall can also burn calories. A walk in the mall who could spend long hours, who would have thought quite effective. With a moderate pace, explore the mall arena can train the muscles of the thighs and calves, hands, and upper abdomen.

Lifting groceries

31 calories per 10 minutes

Hanging plastic bag containing groceries at the back muscles can train arm, hands and waist. While carrying shopping bags can train the muscles of the shoulders, arms and calves. So, when shopping at the supermarket, forget the stroller, but use a hand basket. Well, after spending, if goods is only about 2-3 bags of groceries, remove it from troly, and jinjinglah by hand into the parking lot.

Using a vacuum cleaner

23 calories per 10 minutes

More of this activity to train hand muscles, especially the upper arm. With occasional bending, also joined the waist muscles trained. Movement should be done by using both hands. Clean the area with one movement back and forth as much as 3-5 times. Keep your body is not too bent.

Ironing clothes

17 calories per 10 minutes

Intensive ironing can tighten the arm and train the balance of left and right hand. Iron tools can be a burden when ironing exercises in a standing position. Ironing clothes can train arm and back muscles. To prevent back pain, use as a base of one leg in turn.


23 calories per 10 minutes

The number of calories burned is calculated starting from the activities of preparing food ingredients, such as washing, slicing, smoothing with ulekan seasoning, to cooking. Cooking in a standing position will train the muscles of arms and legs, while in a sitting position, only the wrist muscles. The more prepared meals, the greater the calories burned (because the preparation will be longer, so you more moves).

Washing dishes

15 calories per 10 minutes

Try washing your own dishes, side dishes store, and other cutlery. Wash while standing can train the upper arm and shoulder muscles. Should do the movement with high intensity (quite powerful). Of course this is not difficult, because sometimes you need extra power to remove oil or dirt stains that harden in the pan.


63 calories per 10 minutes

Instead of assigning a gardener for gardening, will be more fun if you own occasionally intervened to handle it. Gardening activities, such as pruning, trim pots, planting flowers, watering plants, and provide fertilizer can be a relaxing activity. Effective way to burn calories at the same time. Gardeners who worked with the sitting position (pruning, fertilizing, and the like) can train the muscles of waist and back. While the squat position repeated can also train the muscles of the thigh.

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